Buying your Home Inspection Packages

Buying a house with an Extra Mile House Inspection is easy!

When buying a house, always get a house inspection done by Extra Mile House Inspection Services Inc. The benefits are endless, but the result is simple; knowing all you need to know to make an informed decision when buying your house.

The process is simple:


  • Find a property
  • Make the offer
  • Have us inspect the property
  • Review the inspection report See a sample report
  • Make the final decision
  • Close the sale

How does a house inspection benefit me?

  • Reduce your risk
  • Make an informed buying decision
  • Understand your home's components and how they work
  • What needs repair
  • When you have to do it
  • What it will cost
  • Your Home Inspection will be performed in accordance with the highest standards in the industry
  • You'll you receive the best possible customer service
  • Join us on the Home Inspection - learn about your home!
  • A home Inspection is not complete without the report - The Summary Report allows us to create your report right at the house.
  • Within 24 hours we will also have completed a comprehensive report which includes relevant photos, colour illustrations, and links to appropriate reference material.
  • We will send you an email linking you to your report allowing you to review, save, share with others.

Here is a nifty virtual tour of how a home inspection works: courtesy of American Society of Home Inspectors (Note: not all features will be identical in Canada)